Athens International Airport - Travelling the world with a kid’s luggage
Travelling the world with a kid’s luggage
20/03/2014 - 31/12/2014
Children’s Play Area – Departures Area 2nd Floor

Athens International Airport and the Voluntary Organization for Children“The Smile of the Child” present: “Travelling the world with a kid’s luggage”, an art exhibition made by children at the Athens International Airport Play Area operated by “The Smile of the Child”. 

The artwork, created over nine months from June 2013 to February 2014, is made by children from Greece, Ireland, the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Cyprus, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, China, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the USA, Canada, Peru, Algeria, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.

For more than 12 years, children travelling from all over the world have their own meeting point at the airport. Creative children’s entertainment activities first started in February 2002, when Athens International Airport, in collaboration with “The Smile of the Child”, created a welcoming area for young travellers to play and relax. Since then, 54,250 children’s smiles filled it with laughter, joy and creativity.

To celebrate the Play Area’s 12th anniversary, the young ambassadors take us on an imaginary “journey” to their own countries through their artwork while visiting Athens International Airport. The luggage - made with carefully chosen materials and combining words and pictures - were offered to the airport by young travellers before their journey back home; leaving us beautiful mementos and ensuring they will visit us again soon.

“I really like it here! It feels like home,” wrote seven-year-old Jessica from Australia some years ago, while the mother of another young child wrote -in December 2013: “Thanks for creating such a beautiful space. -The children can have fun while their parents catch their breath before travelling.”
After twelve years, we can definitely say that children and parents alike enjoy the same quality of hospitality and relaxation at Athens International Airport’s  Play Area.


For more information:
“The Smile of the Child” Voluntary Organization for Children

Athens International Airport «Eleftherios Venizelos»

The luggage that are placed on the map were created by the children who visited the Play Area from June 2013 to February 2014.