Athens International Airport - The walls of Athens and their Destiny
The walls of Athens and their Destiny
04/05/2015 - 30/08/2015
Exhibition area "Art and Environment" (Departures Level)

After the first exhibition “Athens of yesterday, today", "The walls of Athens and their Destiny" is engaged in street art, graffiti, the monumental record of the forbidden and the ephemeral, an art outside the established institutions. Graffiti is an anonymous kind of art, but not without specific creators, often disputed, but they certainly have a recorded history. A pioneer of Athens walls and their daily bittersweet story, but also the forerunner of today’s street artists was the internationally renowned artist Vlassis Caniaris (1928-2011). From his work, that will be presented in the airport’s exhibition area, we pass to modern graffiti artists of Athens, their "tags" and their large narrative compositions works by Manolis Anastasakos and Alexander Vasmoulakis.
(Editor Manos Stefanidis).