Athens International Airport - Photographic exhibition “Travelling with the Birds”
Photographic exhibition “Travelling with the Birds”
22/10/2009 - 31/01/2010

Athens International Airport (AIA) in cooperation with the Hellenic Ornithological Society hosted the exhibition titled “Travelling with the Birds”, a unique adventure in the captivating world of the wild birds of Greece, on the airport premises from October 22nd, 2009 through January 31st, 2010.
Thirty rare pictures which were shot by 12 different Greek photographers, accompanied by rich audiovisual background information material, were displayed, thus enabling visitors to take a valuable closer look at the Greek wild bird ecosystem. At the same time, visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the importance of protecting wild birds and their natural habitat areas along with ways and means of ensuring a viable natural  environment for both birds and humans.