Athens International Airport - IMAGINAIRY
15/11/2021 - 31/05/2022
Arrivals, Extra-Schengen Baggage Reclaim Hall - Reclaim Belt 1 | Arrivals, Schengen Baggage Reclaim Hall - Reclaim Belt 12

IMAGINAIRY is the new addition to the long-term and multi-award-winning cooperation of the Athens Digital Arts Festival with the Athens International Airport.

The exhibition, a compilation of high-aesthetic works by artists of the new digital age and screened on specially designed installations, highlights the new metaverse era through a panorama of video art and animation inspired by the following themes:  Future, Mankind, City, Travel, Destination, Nature and Expression.

IMAGINAIRY is an invitation to a fantastical journey aiming to complement and enhance the visitor’s travel experience within the airport’s facilities, a heterotopic space of transition. Through the screenings of 43 unique artworks by local and international artists, the traveler is further transported through a contemporary artistic experience and mental journey to unexpected and undefined destinations.