Athens International Airport - Fly me to the Moon
Fly me to the Moon
24/05/2013 - 12/07/2013
Departures level, Main Terminal Building

Athens Airport, in cooperation with the culture platform “ελculture”, is ready to “fly” the passengers and the visitors of the airport to the … moon!

“Fly me to the Moon”

is called the joyful and entertaining, cultural – “journey” which includes concerts, performances, happenings, interactive competitions and other cultural events by popular music groups and well-known artists, who … “land” at the airport aiming at enhancing the passengers’ and visitors’ Αirport experience.

Musicians, dancers, actors, artists, photographers, “discover” the new meeting point at Athens Airport.

Starting from May 2013 until the end of April 2014, the cooperation of the Αirport with “ελculture” will include 3 basic axes of cultural events and interactive projects:

Musicport: Commenced in 2012 and now it’s back with music groups of new artists that will offer melody and rhythm to the passengers and visitors.

On the occasion of the International Music Day, the “Play me - the Piano Project” (June 19-22), a special festive program in cooperation with ERA Third Program and Greek Radio Television (ERT) promises many happenings and “magical moments”…

Perform in Art: Promotes contemporary, theatrical productions based on innovation and creativity. Young artists will be inspired by the specific place and will invite the Airport passengers to an original theatrical experience.

Shoot_it fest: An annual competition with the use of a mobile phone camera or video, where the best photos will be awarded and win fantastic prizes.

Furthermore, a special exhibition will be organized to reward the best photo, while selected scenes from videos will be projected in the movies. The participants in the shoot_it fest will be evaluated by a committee, consisting of academics and highly-esteemed professionals in the sector of photography and cinema.

The Summer schedule of “Fly me to the Moon” events, beginning on Friday 24.5, is as follows:

24 & 31 May: Vanila Swing (concert with music and dancing)
19 -22 June: Play me - the Piano Project (Events on the occasion of the International Music Day)
5 & 12 July: The Bet (Music concert)

The location that the music happenings take place is in the MTB, Departures level, open access area, in front of Food Village.

Time of performances: between 13:00 - 15:00hrs. 

We hope you enjoy it!