26 MARCH 2019
The magical South Aegean… at the Athens airport!
Sounds Greek to me!
March 29th, 2019
South Aegean and its magic islands is the sixth destination of the Athens Airport programme Fly me to the Moon-Sounds Greek to Me! With even more images of Greece, the programme continues. The Cyclades and the Dodecanese will be “present” at Athens International Airport for a day dedicated to its traditions. On Friday, March 29th, travellers and airport visitors will experience South Aegean musical tradition and dances, the art of marble sculpture of Tinos island, while tasting Aegean flavours.
The South Aegean dance club will also be there to give the rythm. Dressed in traditional costumes, the dancers will lure the audience to the dance floor for an improvised feast under the melodies of the Aegean islands. At the same time, visitors and passengers of the Airport will enjoy the traditional instrument “santouri”, listening to its sweet, metallic sound and distinctive tone.
The Museum of Marble Crafts of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, uniquely presenting the technology and the secrets of marble sculpture with a marble-craft workshop. Furthermore, Argyro Barbarigou, standing in as Ambassador of the South Aegean Region for “European Region of Gastronomy 2019”, will highlight the region’s gastronomic richness and local products. 
Sounds Greek to me at Athens International Airport! 
6th destination: Introduction to South Aegean
Friday, March 29th, 2019 
Departures’ Level - Entrance 3 - All Users Area
Hours: 12:00 - 16:00 
Greece at the airport
The airport’s "Fly me to the moon” this year “unfolds” the natural beauty of Greece, the cultural identity, the gastronomy, the customs, the traditions, and the special character of each region. Our passengers and visitors will be enjoying these “journeys”, together with local representatives, and the people of our country’s “guest of honour” regions. 
The programme:
  • July 2018 – Central Greece
  • September 2018 – Chania
  • October 2018 – Epirus
  • December 2018 – Northern Greece
  • March 2019 – Skyros
  • March 2019 – South Aegean
"Fly me to the Moon" is a joint cooperation between Athens International Airport and elculture cultural platform which takes place for sixth consecutive years. For more information please visit and
tel: +30 210 6430683 / 6976 597 444              
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