16 JANUARY 2020
“West of the Acropolis” - An exhibition designed by the Museum Herakleidon exclusively for the Athens International Airport (January 13 - November 22, 2020)
The Athens International Airport and the Museum Herakleidon are presenting the exhibition “West of the Acropolis”, aspiring to promote the area of the hills to the west of the Acropolis as a destination. These hills played an important role in the history of the city and the formation of its present character.
With a few pictures and guided by our language, rich in words with universal meaning, the visitor is encouraged to search for information about or to walk in places with names that are part of history: Areopagus, Pnyx, Hill of the Muses, Koile Street, Observatory, Petralona, Thissio, Temple of Hephaestus. These are seldom followed itineraries, short trips in space and time that carry the weight of decades of history.
The area to the west of the Acropolis is the ideal place for the visitor to delve into the long history of the city, from the early to the classical antiquity, and from there to the first years of the young capital of the newly formed Greek state until today. A kind of kaleidoscope, the exhibition is an “itinerary” that deftly balances technology and culture and joins the glorious past of the country to its promising future, arriving at the alarm clock of Plato which “strikes the milestones”.
The exhibition “West of the Acropolis” was curated by Paul and Belinda Firos, founders of the museum and was organized and coordinated for the museum by Eleni Nomikou, Director of the Museum Herakleidon. The graphics and illustrations are by Alexandra Papadimouli and Yannis Nakas, and the video was edited by Pantelis Mitsiou from content provided by Yiorgos Kapsalis. Hara-Eleni Mitsotaki, Head of public relations and culture, was responsible for organization and coordination on behalf of the Athens International Airport.
The exhibition is hosted in the exhibition area “Art and Culture”, Arrivals level - Entrance 1, free and open 24hrs every day, from January 13 to November 22, 2020.
Link to a video of the exhibition:
photo credits: Ilias Georgouleas
Communication and marketing: Pantelis Mitsiou
T: +30 210 3461954