04 MARCH 2020
AIA’s 20th Airline Marketing Workshop - “The Magic Spell of Change”
Athens International Airport awards airlines for their development in 2019
Aiming at identifying the ingredients of the “magic spell” of tomorrow’s changes and challenges in the aviation sector, the Athens International Airport hosted and celebrated its 20th Airline Marketing Workshop on February 27th.
During this year’s anniversary gathering, more than 200 guests had the opportunity to follow a rich agenda of topics that composed an ideal platform for a substantial “family” dialogue between the airport and its key partners. Moreover, Athens International Airport presented its annual awards to the airlines that achieved the fastest development and the highest increases in passenger volumes in their scheduled services during 2019. 
Speakers and AIA representatives composed a rich agenda including the following topics:

• Athens Market Overview 2019
“Greek diaspora relations with the homeland; the travelling dynamics in the post 2010 era”, by Dr. Manolis Pratsinakis, Onassis/Seesox Fellow, University of Oxford
“When the only constant is change: disruption and resilience in air transport”, by Andrew Matters, IATA Deputy Chief Economist
Digital Transformation: “Delay and disruption management through Passenger-Centric ATM”, by Gianmaria Giaconia, CCO, Innov-ATM.
• The Digital Transformation 
- Digital Sky Challenge  
         “Delay and disruption management through Passenger-Centric ATM”
          Gianmaria Giaconia, CCO, Innov-ATM
         “A Tool for Safety Incident Analysis in Aviation” 
           The JBM Team
- The Digital Gate III - AIA's Digital Innovation and Youth Entrepreneurship Competition (Team Presentations - MyLayover, Enorasys).
• " Megashifts and paradigm changes: navigating the next 10 years", by Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Humanist, CEO The Futures Agency.
Finally, Athens International Airport CEO, Yiannis Paraschis, concluded the workshop with the closing credits dedicated to the course that led to the very positive 2019. Highlighting strongly the exceptional cooperation and efforts of the entire airport community, AIA’s CEO referred also to the challenges lying ahead in light of international developments that affect airports, airlines and destinations.

This year’s airline awards, as per respective category, were the following:
A. Best of the TOP-10 Airlines Award in 2019
  • Volotea was awarded as the overall fastest growing airline operating at AIA in 2019, among the 10 airlines that recorded the highest passenger traffic volumes. 
B. Best New Entrant Performance Award
  • Cyprus Airways was awarded for recording the highest passenger traffic numbers, among all new comers, while Wizz Air was highly commended.  
C. Fastest Growing Airline – European Seasonal Route
  • Brussels Airlines received the award for achieving the highest percentage annual passenger growth in summer 2019, while Croatia Airlines was highly commended. 
D. Fastest Growing Airline – America Seasonal Route
  • American Airlines received the award for achieving the highest percentage annual passenger growth in summer 2019, while Air Transat was highly commended. 
Ε.  Fastest Growing Airline - Thin Route Award
  • Bulgaria Air received the award for achieving the highest percentage annual passenger growth in 2019, while Royal Jordanian was highly commended.
F. Fastest Growing Airline Award per geographical region (Highest percentage passenger growth, 2019 /2018).
  • Sky Express was awarded as the fastest growing airline in the domestic sectorEllinair was highly commended. 
  • Eurowings was awarded as the fastest growing airline for Western Europe while Iberia was highly commended.
  • Tarom was awarded as the fastest growing airline for Eastern Europe while Aegean Airlines was highly commended.
  • Qatar Airways was awarded as the fastest growing airline for the Middle East while Middle East Airlines was highly commended.
  • Aegean Airlines was awarded as the fastest growing airline for Africa while Egypt Air was highly commended. 
  • Air China was awarded as the fastest growing airline for Asia while Scoot was highly commended.
  • Emirates was awarded as the fastest growing airline for America.
G. Overall Traffic Development Award
Aegean Airlines was awarded for presenting the highest passenger volumes increase at Athens International Airport in 2019.
H. Special 20-year awards: “Most awarded airline in the last 20 years”
Aegean Airlines was honoured as the most awarded airline in the period 2001 – 2020, during 20 years of AIA Airline Marketing Workshops. Emirates and Qatar Airways ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively.
On AIA’s 20th Airline Marketing Workshop, Ioanna Papadopoulou, Director, Communications & Marketing, pointed out: 
“Our Workshop celebrated this year its 20th birthday! Our team is thrilled and proud to have been hosting for the last two decades this gathering that sets an ideal platform for the dialogue between the airport and our airline partners, fostering the spirit of cooperation, reciprocity, and innovation in the tourism and aviation sectors. 
Constant changes and the continuous need to promptly adapt to a new environment and move forward, was this year’s main theme and the true essence of our anniversary workshop. As the airport community jointly moves ahead on a common and mutually beneficial course, once more, we would like to sincerely thank our airline partners and re-affirm our commitment to keep supporting them in the same spirit of collaboration and solidarity.”
On the following  link , you will find AIA’s Workshop presentations: