Athens International Airport - Overview

Sustainability, as a balanced multi-faceted approach that takes account of the social, environmental and economic aspects of business with a long-term perspective, is embedded in the strategy of the Airport Company, in an integrated manner across key characteristics of our business:

Operational Responsibility:
Running the airport efficiently, in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory framework and in line with international best practice and acting on public interest with respect to safety and service quality. Fostering an airport community culture through cooperation and by acting fairly and with integrity towards third parties. 
Environmental Responsibility:
Undertaking initiatives and commitments to minimize environmental impact from airport operations, implementing efficient energy management practices, as well as communicating and raising awareness regarding environmental issues.
Employer’s Responsibility:
Developing, compensating and engaging our human capital while maintaining a committed workforce in a safe, productive and fair work environment.
Corporate Citizenship:
Engaging communities based on mutual respect, advancing social partnership and prosperity in the region, promoting Athens as a travel destination, promoting the culture and heritage of Greece, supporting humanitarian causes for society at large and respecting human rights.
Sustainability Governance:
Aligning with the provisions of contemporary sustainability standards and guidelines, performing Materiality Analysis of the issues significant for AIA and its Stakeholders, planning actions for material issues, reporting performance transparently and promoting sustainability principles across our markets.

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Mrs. Anna Vasila
Head, Sustainability and Industry Affairs