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In this section you may view Athens International Airport`s awards & distinctions:
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Environmental Awards 2016
December 2016

In the framework of the “Environmental Awards 2016”, Athens International Airport was honored for its “Telemetry System at Potable Water Grid” as follows:


GOLD AWARD: “Efficient Water Management” at the WATER STEWARDSHIP/ WATER MANAGEMENT & CONSERVATION category. and

GRAND AWARD for the WATER MANAGEMENT general category.

ECOPOLIS Environmental Awareness Awards
June 2016

AIA received an award for its work in monitoring ecosystems in the area of airport, protection of biodiversity and management of wildlife.

Waste & Recycling Awards
December 2015

GOLD award for its waste management practices and efforts to promote recycling at the Airport.

Energy Mastering Awards
December 2015

SILVER award in Reduction/Minimization Emissions category for its actions to reduce its emissions.

Facilities Management Awards
November 2015

GOLD award at the Impact on Sustainability category  - “Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development”



European Business Awards for the Environment
September 2014

Double environmental distinction for Athens International Airport

• 1st place in the Management category

• Distinction for the protection of Biodiversity

A pair of important environmental distinctions went to the Athens International Airport, in the context of the 2014 European Business Awards for the Environment, organized by PASEPPE, the Greek Federation of Environmental Companies. Specifically, AIA received the first place award in the Management category, while for its actions and programmes for the protection of the ecosystems in the Messogeia area where the airport is situated, it was honoured with an award for Biodiversity.

As national co-ordinator, PASSEPE organizes the European Business Awards for the Environment in Greece on behalf of the European Committee, including the formation of the Evaluation Committee with members of academia and national research institutes.

Eco-Innovation Award 2013
Athens International Airport receives top European environmental airport award!

In honor of its innovative environmental programmes and initiatives, Athens International Airport received the Eco-Innovation Award at the ACI EUROPE Best Airports Awards ceremony at the recent 9th ACI EUROPE/ WORLD Annual Conference & Exhibition in Istanbul. This distinction comes as a significant acknowledgment of the Athens airport’s leading approach to environmental protection.

This year's award takes on additional significance during a critical time for the country as well as for the aviation sector, as it reflects AIA’s continuous efforts to deliver environmental management systems that go well beyond regulatory requirements. Specifically, the Athens airport scored highest on criteria addressing environmental awareness, effective management of carbon emissions, and stakeholder engagement.

Greenbuilding Award in recognition of AIA’s Energy and Environmental contribution
April 2008

Further to the remarkable energy savings it achieved in its facilities and buildings, Athens International Airport was honoured with the GreenBuilding Award from the European Commission. The measures implemented, which addressed heating, ventilation, cooling and other building functions, led to significant reductions in energy consumption and consequently the airport's contribution to climate change.

46th Paris Air Show
June 2005

"Aerospace Industry Awards 2005" Award for Athens International Airport
Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" was honoured in Paris with a prestigious international distinction, the "Aerospace Industry Awards 2005", in the "Infrastructure & Environment" Award category, within the framework of the 46th International Paris Air Show, the biggest industry international exposition (Le Bourget, Paris).

November 2004

Award in recognition of AIA’s Energy and Environmental contribution
Athens International Airport is the first company in Greece to receive the European Commission’s GreenLight Award for the development of a series of energy-efficient activities in lighting with the purpose of reducing emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect.