Athens International Airport - Scheduled Flights
Flights Timetable

Scheduled flights of ARKIA Israeli Airlines Ltd

From Departure Time Days Arrival Time Valid From Valid To Stops
Tel Aviv TLV15:35***4***17:3507/0813/08-
Tel Aviv TLV12:10******714:1014/0803/09-
Tel Aviv TLV10:00***4***12:0014/0827/08-
Tel Aviv TLV07:10***4***09:1028/0803/09-
Tel Aviv TLV07:10***4**709:1004/0910/09-
Tel Aviv TLV13:40******715:4011/0917/09-
Tel Aviv TLV07:10***4***09:1011/0917/09-
Tel Aviv TLV07:10***4**709:1018/0901/10-
Tel Aviv TLV05:05****5**07:0518/0924/09-
Tel Aviv TLV06:10***4**709:1002/1029/10-
Tel Aviv TLV10:55****5**13:5523/1029/10-