Flights Timetable

Scheduled flights of ISRAIR Airlines & Tourism Ltd

From Departure Time Days Arrival Time Valid From Valid To Stops
Tel Aviv TLV10:001******12:0010/1128/03-
Tel Aviv TLV09:00****5**11:0010/1116/11-
Tel Aviv TLV09:00***4***11:0017/1123/11-
Tel Aviv TLV12:45***4***14:4524/1130/11-
Tel Aviv TLV09:00***4***11:0001/1228/03-
Tel Aviv TLV16:55**3****18:5515/1221/12-
Tel Aviv TLV15:30*2*****17:3022/1228/12-
Tel Aviv TLV16:15****5**18:1522/1228/12-
Tel Aviv TLV09:50*2*****11:5029/1204/01-
Tel Aviv TLV10:25*****6*12:2529/1204/01-