AIA engages in a holistic approach to corporate responsibility, aiming at promoting the sustainability of all aspects of its operation and development. This approach is reflected in the Corporate Responsibility Policy and deployed through a contemporary 3-level CR governance structure.

The development and continuous update of the CR Strategy is based on continuous redefinition and prioritisation of the material issues, i.e. those of significant impact on the company and its stakeholders. The CR Strategy is implemented by setting objectives at the highest management level, monitoring performance and regularly reporting across the following CR Perspectives:

Airport Operator’s

    Running the airport efficiently, fostering an airport community culture and acting in the public interest with respect to safety and service quality.
  Focusing on neighbourly relations with local communities, advancing social partnership and prosperity in the region, promoting cultural activities and supporting humanitarian causes.
  Undertaking initiatives and commitments to minimize impact from airport operation and development as well as communicating and raising awareness of environmental issues.
  Developing, compensating and engaging our human capital, while maintaining a committed workforce in a safe, productive and fair work environment.

Since 2003 and on a regular annual basis, we measure and transparently report on our sustainability activities and performance. Our CR Report conforms to the international sustainability reporting guidelines and fulfills our commitment made towards the United Nations Global Compact.

In order to ensure embedding Corporate Responsibility across our organisation, in line with global best practices, we apply a Code of Business Conduct, urging employees to conduct business activities in accordance with specific well-defined principles. By upholding the Code, we maintain our company’s good reputation and the confidence of our stakeholders. 

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