Local Community Relations

We are committed to being a valued and trusted member of the community in which we operate. We deliver sustainable added value for our neighbours in line with our Corporate Responsibility Policy. We work closely with Local Communities, engaging them in a constructive dialogue on issues of common interest. Each year we develop and implement a Local Communities Action Plan in close cooperation with local authorities and associations, addressing needs related to education, cultureand athletics, transportation, environment and social causes.

Art & Culture

The airport, a crossroads of people and cultures, participates actively in the city of Athens’ cultural scene thereby promoting the image of contemporary Greece, its culture and traditions. Our passengers and visitors have the opportunity to visit permanent exhibitions based on Greek heritage in the Departures level more specifically, the exhibition of Archaeological findings; the Eleftherios Venizelos Exhibition; and The new Acropolis Museum. In addition to the permanent collection, the airport hosts a stellar roster of temporary exhibitions, on a variety of topics, at the Arrivals level of MTB.

Social Contribution

An important element of our corporate citizenship is the continuous upholding of our social commitment by supporting children and social groups in need. In this aspect, we implement a multi-dimensional social programme, contributing to a variety of educational, business, cultural and humanitarian activities in cooperation with related institutions and non-governmental organizations.

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